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Shenandoah Baptist Association

Up Coming WMU Events

Women's Retreat-   July 15 ~ 9-3 pm

​          Oakland Church in Charles Town, WV
                    "No Longer A  Spectator"
Interactive praise and worship. Led by Ellen Walker author of "Worship: An Audience of One."
​         ​Call or Text 908-323-4586 to reserve your place

 ​   For flyer and more information click here

          WMU Mission Project                                                                 

WMU will be working with First Baptist, Winchester to collect Migrant Kits to be given to the migrant workers. The workers will be arriving in our area around the end of August to the first of September. If your church would like to contribute to this worthwhile ministry please complete your bags with the following items:

                                                                                    Deodorant                   Toothpaste & Toothbrush

                                                                                    Soap                            Shampoo & hair brush

                                                                                    Bug repellent              Wash cloth & towel  

Please use cloth bags to collect your items in and please stick to the above list for the items. Because these are going into camps and with lots of people in close contact it is helpful if you stick to the above items  listed.  This project has been done for many years and we have learned through experience what the works are allowed to have and what items are really needed.  
If you have any questions about this project or your church would  like to participate this year please contact Michele at the associational office.
​                                                     Kits are due to First, Winchester or the associational office by August 28th.

W M U 

W M U in the church and in the association are two separate organizations, they are vitally linked with one another. They work hand and hand, yet are different. WMU in the church has five strategic principles, in the association it has four strategic principles:

      ~ Nurture a missions environment in the churches and the association 

      ~ Provide and participate in associational missions activities and projects

      ~ Equip churches to provide missions awareness and involvement

      ~ Develop and strengthen WMU in all congregations